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Organizing and Productivity Solutions for Home and Work

How Can We Help You?

House of Order offers organizing and productivity services to help you manage your money, paper, projects, tasks, and ideas. We have solutions for home and work, in-person and virtual, and group and private needs.


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Not Sure Where to Start?

If you aren't quite sure what you need, here are a few suggestions for getting started. Do you need help with...

  • Your budget and bills? Our Personal Bookkeeping services will sort you out.
  • Your current, actionable paper (think mail, invites, etc. - the stuff that collects on your kitchen counter)? Then you need a Sunday Basket!
  • Filing cabinets and boxes filled with old bank statements, instruction manuals, and who knows what else? Sign up for a Paper Organizing Retreat STAT!
  • Managing paperwork, tasks, and projects for your job or small business? The Friday Workbox will change your life!
  • Ongoing accountability and encouragement? You'll want to join The HOO Crew on Facebook and our free weekly sessions.

What Our Clients Say

Do it! Don't hesitate - no judgement. We are all in this together! Great way to kickstart your organizing journey!

~ Julie

Paper Organizing Retreat Attendee

I loved the paper retreat!! Jennifer was very informative, helpful, and patient. She met me were I was and was cognizant that our time spent working together was very productive.

~ Wendy

Paper Organizing Retreat Attendee

I was surprised at how fast the time went and the large amount of paper that I sorted through. With the guidance from Jennifer I was able to sort my papers into workable files. It was such a wonderful feeling.

~ Belinda

Paper Organizing Retreat Attendee