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Amidst all of the craziness happening around the world, I wanted to share some before and after photos of how we are starting to reduce the chaos in people’s homes here in Yuma. I am SO PROUD of my crop of Guinea Pig clients!!! After having an initial consult with me on the phone and then in the home, some of them started tackling their projects before I came for their organizing sessions, and some kept the momentum up after I left and started tackling other areas of their home. But they ALL worked so hard during our sessions and made major improvements to the targeted spaces. I am excited to share their results with you. Please show them some love and encouragement in your comments, because I know they will see them. Here is the first…


Case Study: Master Bathroom Closet


This home has a full-size closet inside the master bathroom. This provides a lot of space, but the shelves are so deep that it is easy for things to get lost in the back. The client and her husband use the space daily, but their young children also bathe in this room, so we needed to make room for the family’s towels, provide easy access for the most-used items, and keep some products out of reach of little hands.


After two hours, we had an organized, usable closet. Plenty of room for towels (I encouraged my client to try a different folding method to get better use of her towel space), everything grouped together by category, and all of the commonly-used items front and center, including her beloved pineapple jar! With one hour left in our session, we were able to get a jump-start on the next area of her home.


Client Tip: I am a big fan of labels, and my client came up with a great idea that I would like to share with you. There is a container at the bottom of the closet with bandages and other first-aid type items for minor injuries. My client likes her bandages to stay in their boxes so that it is easy to find the type she needs, but sometimes she sends one of her children to get a bandage for her. They aren’t all old enough to read yet, so she put a certain sticker on the box of bandages that they use the most. Now she can tell her helper to grab a bandage from the box with that sticker. Great solution!



Final Result: Happy Client

Time: About 2 Hours

Products Used: Client's Own, Bins from Target, Bin and Turntable from Walmart


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