Binder Workshops

Binder Workshops

Ditch the Filing Cabinet!

Let's face it: Filing cabinets are where papers go to die.


It's time to empty the filing cabinet and move your important reference papers into a system that is functional, portable, and accessible.


Organize 365's Household Binders provide the solution. They divide your paperwork into natural categories and come with pre-printed inserts to get important information out of your head and into one streamlined system.

House of Order Binder Workshop

House of Order's Household Binder Workshops walk you through the best way to use each binder. We'll begin with detailed instruction and then move on to independent work time where you can ask questions as you need to.


The binders, topics, and documents we will discuss include:

  • Financial - banking, bills, debt, insurance, retirement, estate planning, etc.
  • Medical - individual and family medical history, appointments, medication, lab results, etc.
  • Household Reference - home buying and selling, appliances, electronics, furniture, landscaping, etc.
  • Household Operations - family and pets, meal planning, cleaning and household maintenance, emergency preparation, holiday and event planning, etc.

Pro Tip: Organize 365's Household Binders come as part of their comprehensive Productive Home Solution program, but you can also purchase them separately through House of Order's partner link. We appreciate your support!

Household Binder Workshops

  • Binder Workshops are for all of the paper you need to keep but don't need to take action on.
  • Each workshop is customized to the attendees. Bring a stack of papers relating to one or more of the four Essential Household Binders (Financial, Medical, Household Reference, and Household Operations), and we will guide you through the steps to set up and utilize the binders.
  • If your papers aren't already sorted into binder categories, please attend a Paper Organizing Retreat first.
House of Order Binder Workshop
  • Binder Workshop Ticket: $29 (single), $96 (bundle of 4)
    • Ticket Includes:
      • Two hours of group instruction and productive work time on Zoom.
    • Does Not Include:
    • Binder Workshop Bundle tickets may be used on any four Binder Workshops within a year of purchase.
    • Note: If you would like one-on-one instruction for your binders, sign up for a private Deep Dive Session.

It's Time to Free Your Files

Learn how at the next Binder Workshop!