Deep Dive Workshops

Deep Dive Workshops

Not Your First Rodeo?

If you are already using a Sunday BasketHousehold Binders, or a Friday Workbox, these Deep Dive Workshops are for you.


We'll dedicate two hours to deep dive into your paper projects. Basket overflowing? Binders still in their packaging? Slash pockets need updating? We'll get it done.


Deep Dive Workshops are for when you need focused, one-on-one guidance to accomplish your projects.

Deep Dive Paper Workshops

Deep Dive Workshops

  • Sign up for a regular Deep Dive Workshop to work on any personal, household paper organizing project.
  • Sign up for a Workbox Deep Dive to work on business paperwork. This session is great as a follow up to a Friday Workbox Jumpstart.
Deep Dive Paper Workshops
  • Deep Dive Workshop Ticket: $69 (private)
  • Workbox Deep Dive Ticket: $89 (private)
    • Ticket Includes:
      • Two hours of individual, guided instruction and personalized coaching on Zoom.
    • Additional supplies and accessories can be ordered through our partner link here.
    • Note: It is typically best to attend a Deep Dive Workshop after you have attended one of our other events. If you have questions about the best place to start, please send us a message through the Contact page.

Let's Get to the Bottom of Things.

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