Friday Workbox Podcast Interview

Friday Workbox Mastermind Organize 365 Podcast

I recently had the extreme honor of being featured on the Organize 365 Podcast. In the interview with founder Lisa Woodruff, we talked about her Friday Workbox system and how I, as one of the first Friday Workbox Certified Organizers, can help you to wrangle not only all of your business paperwork, but also all of the ideas, projects, and tasks that come at you every week.


We also discussed how my specific skills, talents, and life experiences contribute to my unique offering as an Organize 365 Certified Organizer.



Organize 365 Podcast:

Friday Workbox with Jennifer Butler


This was my first time being on a podcast, so I was nervous about how it would turn out, but it was a lot of fun!


A friend (and fellow Organize 365 follower) who lives in Germany sent me this shot of the podcast display in her car. She said that when she saw my name, she thought, "Is that my Jennifer Butler?" When I mentioned living in Germany, she knew it was!

Organize 365 Podcast with Jennifer Butler

Take a listen and let me know what you think! If it sounds like a Friday Workbox would be helpful to you, sign up for a Workbox Workshop with me, or schedule a call so we can see if it is the right fit.



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