Mini Medical Binder Virtual Workshop


How is everyone? I hope you are doing as well as possible amidst the current medical crisis and resulting social, educational, and financial fallout. With all of the discouragement in the world, it is heartening to see how people are coming together to encourage each other and share their talents.


That's why I was excited to see that paper organizing guru Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365 has offered a FREE Mini Medical Information Binder to gather your family’s most essential medical details into one place. These pages can be printed for each member of your family (separate Adult and Child pages) and include current information, personal and family health histories, and diagnosis and medication trackers. These pages would be invaluable to have on hand in the case of a medical emergency. BUT even though they are FREE and easy to get, I know that many of us (and I am including myself here) will not fill them out without some accountability.


That is why I invite you to join me in a free 60-minute Zoom conference where we will work together to complete our packets. There are three dates scheduled, but if none of those work for you, please let me know and we can plan another time.


To register, fill out the form below and watch for an email with the Zoom link and instructions. Read it carefully! Then download your Mini Medical Information Binder here.


Please contact us with any questions, and share with anyone who could benefit. The great thing is that we don't have to be local to get together this way. See you on Zoom!

Mini Medical Binder Virtual Workshop Registration

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