Paper Organizing Retreats

Paper Organizing Retreats

You Are Cordially Invited

Consider yourself invited to a House of Order Paper Organizing Retreat! We understand that when you are drowning in paper, there is power in working side-by-side with a professional as well as with with others who have similar struggles and goals. So we are happy to offer virtual retreats to give you the skills and accountability you need to conquer your organizing projects. And you might just have fun along the way!


What is a Paper Organizing Retreat, anyway? These longer events are a chance to gather up ALL of the paper that is accumulating around your home and work with a professional organizer to learn how to sort and manage it. Based on the concepts in Lisa Woodruff's book The Paper Solution, we will leave the filing cabinet  and paper piles behind and start to move your paper into portable, manageable household binders. You'll leave with a plan for finishing your paper projects and know how to handle incoming paper in the future.


As with any transformational retreat, a House of Order Paper Organizing Retreat provides a way for you to step away from normal life and focus on YOUR needs. We are here to support you!

Paper Organizing Virtual Retreat

In these four-hour virtual retreats, you can make progress on your paper piles from the comfort of your own home. They are a great starting point and lead right into our monthly Binder Workshops, where you can create and update your essential household binders.


If you are interested in attending an in-person retreat, plan to meet us in Texas! We'll provide plenty of space to work, instructional materials, useful supplies, shredding service, and much more. You can find all of the details about our next in-person retreat here.


No matter which option you choose, you will leave our retreats feeling empowered, accomplished, and SO much lighter - and not just because of the mounds of paper you'll leave behind!


Register for a Paper Organizing Retreat below, or feel free to reach out with any questions by sending us a message. If you need Organize 365 products, please consider ordering through our unique partner link.

Pro Tip: Get your Paper Organizing Retreat ticket for FREE by coordinating a group session for you and at least three other people, either online or in person. Contact us for more details about hosting an event.

Virtual Paper Organizing Retreats

  • Gather ALL of your paper for an online Paper Organizing Retreat filled with detailed instruction, work time, and a professional organizer by your virtual side!
  • Whether you are starting from scratch or are in the middle of a project, this retreat will give you the skills and accountability you need to make major progress on your paper clutter.
  • You'll want to dress comfortably, bring snacks and a drink, and prepare a place to work.
Paper Organizing Virtual Retreat
  • Paper Organizing Retreat Ticket: $69 (group)
    • Ticket Includes:
      • Four hours of live training, coaching, and guided work time.
      • A detailed paper survey and planning sheets to help with your projects.
    • Does Not Include:
      • Physical products. (Optional) You can support House of Order by purchasing Household Binders and other products through our partner link. Find out more here.

In-Person Paper Organizing Retreats

  • Our next in-person retreat will be February 16-18, 2024, in Georgetown, Texas. Find out more here.

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