Planning Day Retreats

Planning Day Retreats

A Party with a Purpose!

Have you ever set a New Year's resolution only to abandon it by February? Why is that? Something about planning for a whole year becomes overwhelming and unachievable.


Lisa Woodruff, founder of Organize 365, sees time a different way. She believes in the power of setting goals for shorter periods of time in order to see long-term, lasting results. That's why she offers Planning Day, a time to look at the next few months and decide what steps will make the biggest difference at home and work. Utilized in combination with The Productive Home Solution and Friday Workbox system (and their accompanying planners), these events will propel your productivity to the next level.


The thing about Planning Days is that they are filled with so much information and inspiration that it can be hard to keep up and work through the planning pages in real time. And thinking that you will do it later on your own usually turns into procrastinating until it is too late.

Planning Day Retreat After Party

Enter House of Order's Planning Day Retreats - we call them After Parties. These events are held in the weeks following each Planning Day and Workbox Planning Day to give you time to process, formulate, and watch the replay if needed (this is highly recommended). They are held in small groups on Zoom and are guided, hands-on, interactive work sessions where you can share your goals with others (if you want to) and benefit from hearing their goals in return.


If you would like to get the most out of Planning Day, or are just interested in laying out a personal or business roadmap for the next few months, sign up for a Planning Day After Party. For more information, check out the FAQ below. See you at the party!

Personal Planning Day Retreats

  • Best for personal and home-related goals - perfect for parents, caretakers, homeowners, hobbies, passion projects, home improvement, self-improvement, budgeting, debt reduction
  • Each Planning Day Retreat covers one of the yearly trimesters:
    • New Year - January through April
    • Summer - May through August
    • School Year - September through December
Planning Day Retreat After Party

Workbox Planning Day Retreats

  • Best for business and work-related goals - perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, direct sellers, corporate leaders and employees, professional organizers, real estate agents, and volunteers
  • Each Workbox Planning Day Retreat covers one of the yearly quarters:
    • Quarter 1 - January through March
    • Quarter 2 - April through June
    • Quarter 3 - July through September
    • Quarter 4 - October through December
Workbox Planning Day Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Organize 365 holds three personal Planning Days and four Workbox Planning Days throughout the year, with replays available for about a month afterward. House of Order's After Parties are usually held anywhere from the same day to four weeks after each Planning Day so you can jump right in or have plenty of time to watch the replay if you need to.

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