House of Order Featured in Redfin Article

House of Order Redfin Article

Redfin is a customer-first real estate brokerage website with a team of agents across the country. They selected House of Order as a top professional organizer and reached out for a tip for combatting clutter and starting the journey toward a more minimalistic home.


The strategy I suggest is one that I use with clients as well as in my own home:


Name your categories and define zones
Before you start to declutter or buy any organizing supplies, name your categories and define your zones. Walk around the space and make a list of the different types of items you have and where you ideally want each category to be, with most-used items front and center. This will help you to identify and declutter the odds and ends that don’t fit the purpose of that space and create a functional area where similar items are grouped together.

Intentionally making a list of categories and mapping out where they will go makes a HUGE difference when the steps of decluttering and organizing are taking place. I encourage you to try it!


You can see the Redfin article containing this tip and many more here: Set Your Year Off Right: 18 Zero-Waste and Minimalist Tips for Decluttering Your Home. And if you'd like personalized advice regarding your own categories and zones, reach out to House of Order here.



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