Sunday Basket

Sunday Basket

Start the Week off Right!

Bombarded. That's what we are on a daily basis. Mail, bills, appointments, errands, messages, household projects, school papers, family needs, let alone our own thoughts and dreams... everything is vying for our attention and creating a never-ending to-do list.


What if you had one place to collect all of your incoming tasks - whether they be paper, objects, or even just ideas - and knew that you had a plan to take care of them all? If that sounds like a dream to you, then you need a Sunday Basket! The Sunday Basket System is both a set of physical items and a weekly routine for capturing and processing everything that comes your way.

Sunday Basket

What's so special about a Sunday Basket? Developed by Lisa Woodruff during a time of personal chaos and overwhelm, the Sunday Basket is an exercise in planned neglect. For example, when a bill comes in the mail, it is rarely due the same day, or even within a week. Toss it into the Sunday Basket and batch process it (along with everything else you've tossed in there) during a designated time once a week, such as Sunday afternoon. You will be surprised at how much time you save and how much you can accomplish by utilizing this proven system.


You can learn all about the Sunday Basket on Lisa's Organize 365 website. As a Sunday Basket Certified Organizer, I offer workshops to help you set up your basket or better understand how it can work for you.


Each Complete Sunday Basket system comes with:

  • A physical Sunday Basket in the color of your choice
  • One set of five rainbow-colored 1.0 slash pockets
  • Four sets of five solid-colored 2.0 slash pockets (20 total)
  • Access to the online Sunday Basket training portal, which contains on-demand training videos for implementing your new Sunday Basket system
  • Membership in an exclusive online community where you can join weekly co-working sessions for accountability

You can support House of Order by purchasing your Sunday Basket and other organization items through our special partner link.

Pro Tip: Get your Sunday Basket Workshop ticket for FREE by coordinating a group session for you and at least three other people, either online or in person. Contact us for more details about hosting an event.

Sunday Basket Workshops

  • The Sunday Basket is great for all of the paper that has accumulated on your desk, table, or kitchen counter, including mail, receipts, school papers, to-do lists, and other current projects.
  • These workshops teach you how to set up and use the Sunday Basket system for all of your actionable paper and introduce you to the wonderful world of slash pockets!
  • You will leave knowing exactly where your papers are, what your plan is for the week, and what to do with new papers that come your way.
  • Sign up for a Sunday Basket Workshop if you have never used a Sunday Basket before, or you tried it and just didn't get the hang of it. We'll start from scratch!
  • Sign up for a Deep Dive Workshop if your basket is already set up and you understand the basic routine, but you want to do a reboot of your pockets or see how you can increase your productivity. This session is great as a follow up to a Sunday Basket Workshop.
  • What we'll do:
    • Discuss the types of tasks that are common to almost everyone as well as those specific to your situation.
    • Set up your physical Sunday Basket and decide on your 1.0 and 2.0 slash pocket categories.
    • Review the daily and weekly routines for processing your Sunday Basket.
Sunday Basket
Deep Dive Paper Workshops
  • Sunday Basket Workshop Ticket: $49 (private) / $39 (group)
  • Deep Dive Ticket: $69 (private)
    • Ticket Includes:
      • One to two hours of guided instruction and personalized coaching on Zoom (depending on event).
    • Does Not Include:
    • Note: If you would like information about in-person Sunday Basket instruction or custom scheduling for a group, please send us a message through the Contact page.

Got Paper? You Need a Sunday Basket!

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